Friends of the Buff

Every ‘Buff’ needs a spotter!
The internet is littered with movie review sites – here are some of our friends who have some great stuff to offer. Check them out for all your latest movie news!

* A big thanks to Dianne Reynolds for our logo design (you can check her out at!

Extra Features Podcast
Hailing for Toronto, “Extra Features Podcast” reviews all your favorite films in an hour-long podcast. Podcasts available for free download on iTunes.

Bargain Bin Reviews
‘The Bin’ is your place to go for reviews on the worst of the worst! B Movies, Two Thumbs down or Zero Stars – they review the films no one else will touch!

Head in a Vice
Features reviews, IMDB top 250 movies reviewed, Desert Island Films, where participants choose movies they can’t live without, and “Project DeNiro”- as the website attempts to watch all of Robert DeNiro’s movies.

2,500 Movies Challenge
Dave B’s “DVD Infatuation” is the place for daily movie updates as he attempts to watch 2,500 movies on DVD and Blu-ray from all over the world.

Dr. Action and the Kick Ass Kid
Like action movies? Dr. Action and the Kick Ass Kid is your place to go for entertaining commentary on 80s and 90s action films!

Cinema Schminema
Cinema Schminema is a lover of all movies, but has a penchant for movies that are unusual, unique, laughable, or just plain bad!

The Stinking Pause
A montly(ish) movie podcast with Scott and Charlie. The duo celebrates the anniversary of a movie each month, and chooses a movie each to discuss. Also listen on iTunes!

Movies Like Movies
Find movies that are like your favorite movies on this website! Lists of movies on different genres, and how they are like other movies you already love!


Not everyone gets on the movie bandwagon. Below are some just plain cool sites you should check out. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

Dan Dellecese
Check out Dan at! Graphic, t-shirt, logo design and more! In addition to just being a cool cat, Dan designed the header and logo for the Movie Buff. How cool is that!

Bohemian Bonfire
Focusing on writing, literature, and basically anything creative, “Bohemian Bonfire” is a cool site that posts fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between.

In Transition
A very cool blog about musings on and stories about our transition to living in a healthy ecosystem. Living healthy, foraging for mushrooms, and balancing life in the fast lane with our nature-driven roots.

Indian Center
Indian Center – The blog about the latest Indian entertainment. We are providing the latest news 24/7 in the categories: Movies, Songs, and Comedy of whole India.

Bronx Goblin
Bronx Goblin offers Yankees satire, posters, t-shirts, fan-merchandise and more. Updated daily, the website is the perfect place for Yankees facts a la humor.

All Cool Things
Your personal hub for all things cool, since 2011! Stop by All Cool Things for movie collectibles, vintage lunch boxes and memorabilia, action figures and more!

Friends of the Buff
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