• The Danish Girl

    Indy film depicting the real life struggles...

  • Secret in Their Eyes

    Gripping crime thriller stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia...

  • Casino Royale

    Craig performs as James Bond during his...

  • Profiles: Schwarzenegger

    Arnold is the king of action. Read...

  • Trust

    Clive Owen stars in this chilling tale...

  • The Crow

    #ManMovieMay continues with this 90s thriller...

  • Terminator 2

    Arnold delivers in this James Cameron sequel...

  • xXx

    #ManMovieMay continues with this entertaining spy romp...

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Movie Reviews

Image The Danish Girl (R)
“It doesn’t matter what I wear, its what I dream.” The powerful line comes from the 2015 Indy film “The Danish Girl” and... Read full review
Image Secret in Their Eyes (PG-13)
Crime stories generally lay their focus on the cops pursuit of the bad guys, only hinting at the deeper issues of the characters... Read full review
Image Casino Royale (PG-13)
The “James Bond” franchise has seen many changes over the years; a testament to this fact is the passing of Bond actor Roger... Read full review
Image Trust (R)
Movies continue to adapt to the scope of changing times in a way that reflects current crisis within their plot lines. A story... Read full review
Image The Crow (R)
While director Alex Proya’s “The Crow” would become famous for its on-set tragedy (actor Brandon Lee was accidentally killed during filming when a... Read full review
Image Terminator 2: Judgement Day (R)
While Arnold’s famed “I’ll be back” was cemented in the annals of movie history in 1984’s “The Terminator,” “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” boasts... Read full review
Image xXx (PG-13)
Building off of the momentum of then relative newcomer Vin Diesel’s “The Fast and the Furious,” Rob Cohen’s “xXx” attempts to blend the... Read full review
Image First Blood (R)
The Mount Rushmore of Man Movie characters has to have a space reserved for John Rambo. The elite killing machine and survivalist soldier... Read full review
Image Taken (PG-13)
In a sea of action packed macho movies to hit the market in the late 2000s (“The Bourne Ultimatum,” “The Expendables”) “Taken” was... Read full review
Image Red Dawn (PG-13)
“Red Dawn” is an 80s movie with a strong cult following that, on its surface, has everything it takes to be a perfect... Read full review
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