• The Choice

    The latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation doesn't wow...

  • Invincible

    Mark Whalberg and Greg Kinnear team up...

  • The Last Samurai

    Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe deliver in...

  • Sister Act

    Whoopi Goldberg leads a cast in this...

  • Sliding Doors

    Romantic comedy starring Gwyneth Paltrow...

  • $elfie Shootout

    An indie comedy starring Michael Barra and...

  • Sicario

    Emily Blunt leads an engaging cast in...

  • Our Best & Worst of 2015

    Did your favorite movie pass…or fail?...

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Movie Reviews

Image The Choice (PG-13)
Life will give you many choices. It will give you the choice to see this film. Don’t. “The Choice” opens with Benjamin Walker’s Travis... Read full review
Image Invincible (PG)
Vince Papale played for the Philadelphia Eagles for only three seasons, yet somehow Disney’s “Invincible” manages to exceed the grasp of his short... Read full review
Image The Last Samurai (R)
There are many samurai movies about honor. What works about Edward Zwick’s 2003 film “The Last Samurai,” is in showing how a code... Read full review
Image Sister Act (PG)
I recently caught both “Sister Act” movies on television, and was reminded of the throwback to the ’90s these present. Children of the... Read full review
Image Sliding Doors (R)
Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those Hollywood names everyone knows, but may not be overly familiar with her work. Her birth to fame... Read full review
Image $elfie Shootout (NR)
“Selfie Shootout” is a comedy about two self-proclaimed losers who decide to change their circumstances by holding a contest to submit the best... Read full review
Image Sicario (R)
“Sicario” has nothing to do with war in the Middle East, or with tracking down Bin Laden, but the film is taut, purposeful,... Read full review
Image San Andreas (PG-13)
You’ve got to give it to “San Andreas:” it’s probably the first disaster movie to come out in the last seven years or... Read full review
Image Nightcrawler (R)
News manipulation, blood and guts prime time segments…these are the elements of a world we have come to expect in media reporting. To... Read full review
Image Kiss Kiss Bank Bang (R)
With its comic book style open and neo-noir atmosphere, the 2005 Shane Black effort “Kiss Kiss Bank Bang” attempts to channel the soul... Read full review
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