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Movie Reviews

Image Source Code (PG-13)
What I love most about about the 2011 sci-fi thriller “Source Code” is that there is no lead up at all to the... Read more
Image The Perfect Husband (R)
When your skills as a filmmaker are lacking in every way, cheap thrills and rampant gore are senselessly infused to cover the inability... Read more
Image Slumdog Millionaire (R)
“Slumdog Millionaire” is an outstanding film on each and every front of the movie making and movie watching experience, fully deserving of its... Read more
Image Spotlight (R)
“Spotlight” must have been difficult to make. It’s a story about sexual abuse in the Catholic church, over a span of decades in... Read more
Image Shackled (NR)
“Shackled,” directed by Nour Wazzi, is refreshing in its approach, even if it does wander a bit. Here we have a horror film... Read more
Image Equilibrium (R)
What would it be like not to feel? The concept is taken on in the 2002 film “Equilibrium” by Director/Writer Kurt Wimmer, a... Read more
Image Now You See Me 2 (PG-13)
After a year in hiding from the FBI, the bank-robbing-magical-vigilante Four Horsemen return to the spotlight in “Now You See Me 2,” to... Read more
Image Revenge of the Nerds (R)
The decade of the 1980s put forth a host of memorable movies; some achieving cult status for their innovation and acting performance, most... Read more
Image Knight and Day (PG-13)
Finding bigger names in Hollywood than Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz would be a daunting task, and while both border on average in... Read more
Image Saving Grace (R)
Before becoming a TV personality, comedian Craig Ferguson starred in a movie called “Saving Grace,” released in 2000. The film, featuring a small... Read more
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