• Freddy Podcast

    We team up with Extra Features Podcast...

  • John Wick

    Keanu Reeves brings non stop action in...

  • Buff Interviews: Emily Goss

    Emily Goss, star of the indie "The...

  • All Out Dysfunktion!

    The independent film by David Bianchi reviewed...

  • The Running Man

    The 1987 Schwarzenegger dystopian vehicle revisited...

  • The House on Pine Street

    Great indy film gets you ready for...

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Movie Reviews

Image John Wick (R)
When filmmakers are enthusiastic about the source material they tend to make a better movie. It is the difference between Deadpool in “Wolverine:... Read more
Image All Out Dysfunktion! (NR)
“All Out Dysfunktion!” is a comedy/drama directed by Ryan LeMasters. It tells the story of five self-involved twenty-somethings who all live in the... Read more
Image The Running Man (R)
1987, the year “The Running Man” came out, was a time when, for reasons no one will be able to explain to future... Read more
Image The House on Pine Street (R)
A post on Instagram requesting suggestions for scary movies brought me to an indy film that I had never heard of. Film-making brothers Aaron... Read more
Image The Opera Singer (NR)
A few weeks back, I criticized a short I watched, “Sweet Caroline,” for being too short. The film was 8 minutes in length,... Read more
Image The Phantom of the Opera (NR)
We’re now just one month away from the Buff’s annual 31 Days of Halloween season, and as we say goodbye to the Summer... Read more
Image Dante’s Peak (PG-13)
With an overabundance of doomsday picture films like “Armageddon” or “2012,” here’s a refreshing and special effects-laden film from the ‘90s: “Dante’s Peak.”... Read more
Image Bottle Shock (PG-13)
Making a true story entertaining takes effort from writers, directors, and stars alike. The 2008 film “Bottle Shock” manages to hit perfectly on... Read more
Image Pandorum (R)
“Pandorum” is a movie from the common sub-genre of films that splice Science Fiction and Horror, and while it plays out more in... Read more
Image MacGruber (R)
Unlike “The A-Team” movie that was based off the popular 80s television show, 2010’s “MacGruber” is nothing more than an over the top... Read more
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