• Ice Sculpture Christmas (G)

    Quaint Holiday movie from Hallmark...

  • ‘Tis the Season for Love (G)

    Christmas season is here!...

  • Dutch (PG-13)

    "Dutch" is a buddy road comedy, not...

  • Zombieland (R)

    Woody Harrelson teams up with "The Social...

  • Face/Off

    John Woo directs this high-octane actioner about...

  • Spectre

    "Spectre" is the 24th film in the...

  • Featured Article

    5 Thanksgiving-themed Movies You Shouldn't Miss...

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Movie Reviews

Image Ice Sculpture Christmas (G)
I think sometimes Hallmark original movies try a bit too hard to be quaint and upbeat, becoming virtual caricatures of themselves in the... Read full review
Image ‘Tis the Season for Love (G)
The Holiday Season opens on November 1st, and just twenty-four short hours after snuffing your Jack O’ Lantern you’ll begin seeing the barrage... Read full review
Image Dutch (PG-13)
“Dutch” is about a man in love with a woman, who volunteers to pick up her spoiled kid from his private school when... Read full review
Image Zombieland (R)
With the wide array of zombie movies of late, one never knows what they are in for. Will the new one be funny... Read full review
Image Face/Off (R)
“Face Off” contains so much action, and so many stunts, that one has to wonder if its $80M budget is conservative. It is... Read full review
Image Spectre (PG-13)
When the James Bond series gets it right, it gets it right. Daniel Craig’s “Casino Royale,” and “Skyfall” were engaging, thrilling, and some... Read full review
Image The French Connection (R)
I’m not one to get giddy over the technically sound nature of movie making, but when witnessing a piece of absolute cinematic beauty... Read full review
Image The Long Awake (NR)
“Go to hell, you damn moon.” This has to be my favorite piece of dialogue in this film, “The Long Awake,” which is... Read full review
Image Begin Again (R)
“Begin Again” starts off with a reluctant stage performance at a bar by Greta (Keira Knightley), with Dan (Mark Ruffalo) as one of... Read full review
Image The Judge (R)
“The Judge,” Robert Downey Jr.’s latest vehicle, merges courtroom drama with family dynamics, with mixed results. I’ve read that Gene Siskel hated trailers,... Read full review
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