• Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    Frank Miller's graphic novels Sin City brought...

  • The Loft

    5 men...one dead body...so who did it?...

  • Strangers on a Train

    The master Alfred Hitchcock at his best...

  • Pixels

    Adam Sandler's video game adaptation falls short...

  • After Hours

    Paul Hackett just wants to go home...

  • Pretty in Pink

    John Hughes...coming of age...high school...80s...all here...

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Movie Reviews

Image Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (R)
In 2005, “Sin City” firmly cemented itself in my list of all time favorite movies. Knowing immediately it was the time of film... Read full review
Image The Loft (R)
As the saying goes – the worst thing about being rich is having to hang out with rich people. Never has this philosophy... Read full review
Image Strangers on a Train (NR)
Widely regarded as one of the finest films brought forth by legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, 1951’s “Strangers on a Train” takes a premise... Read full review
Image Pixels (PG-13)
In an attempt to cash in on the successful video game industry, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions has brought us “Pixels,” a feature... Read full review
Image After Hours (R)
Director Martin Scorcese tried his best to make me dislike his 1985 dark comedy “After Hours.” It’s bizaare start and trademark Scorsese-like slow moving beginning... Read full review
Image Pretty in Pink (PG-13)
The color palate alone in the very first scene of “Pretty in Pink” will make you smile with nostalgia and yearn for a... Read full review
Image A Simple Plan (R)
A concept that virtually all of us have fantasized about at one point in time or another is brought to reality in a... Read full review
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