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  • Phoenix Forgotten

    Disappointing UFO/disappearance romp...

  • Gifted

    Chris Evans and McKenna Grace star in...

  • The Girl on the Train

    Emily Blunt stars in this gripping thriller...

  • The Graduate

    The iconic '60s film starring Anne Bancroft...

  • Strange Days

    Neo-noir style thriller with Ralph Fiennes and...

  • The Zookeeper’s Wife

    A look at the events of Nazi...

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Movie Reviews

Image Phoenix Forgotten (PG-13)
“Phoenix Forgotten” is like one of those films that come out of nowhere, but this is because of a quiet marketing campaign. It tries... Read full review
Image Gifted (PG-13)
Marc Webb’s first return to indie after directing the two “Amazing Spider-Man” films is remarkable, and it’s also refreshing that Chris Evans does intimate... Read full review
Image The Girl on the Train (R)
“The Girl on the Train” is a gripping thriller that tells a story I think everyone watching will be able to relate with... Read full review
Image The Graduate (NR)
Ben Braddock may be the most selfish character ever idealized on the screen. An adolescent with no regard for others, he goes from... Read full review
Image Strange Days (R)
“Strange Days” is a strange film on all fronts, taking liberty with its plot of 90s-era science fiction and cast for an intriguing... Read full review
Image The Zookeeper’s Wife (PG-13)
The WWII era makes for some fascinating films. I sometimes like them more when they have different perspectives or depict main conflicts other... Read full review
Image Life (R)
Space themed horror made its mark with the 1979 Ridley Scott classic “Alien” in which a group of astronauts are forced into confrontation... Read full review
Image Get Out (R)
A part of what makes first time director Jordan Peele’s spellbinding, intelligent, and important thriller, “Get Out,” so defying is that there is... Read full review
Image When Harry Met Sally (R)
The genesis of entertainment that’s based on single people trying in desperation to date in the confines of the concrete jungle of New... Read full review
Image Road to Perdition (R)
“Road to Perdition” is reminiscent of a Greek tragedy in that all of its sinners are eventually met with their insufferable fate. Shakespearian tragedies... Read full review
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