• Once Upon a Time in America

    Movie review...

  • Bugsy

    “Bugsy” would be serviceable if they cut...

  • Feature: Mob Movie March

    When it comes to mob movies, we...

  • Gone Girl

    For the 100 minutes, “Gone Girl” was...

  • Presumed Innocent

    As an avid fan of the Grisham...

  • The Hunt for Red October

    “The Hunt for Red October” is a...

  • Heaven is for Real

    Movie review...

  • Paperthin

    “Paperthin” is a 35-minute short directed by...

  • The Fast and the Furious

    Movie review...

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Movie Reviews

Image Once Upon a Time in America (R)
Redefining the term epic movie, Italian director Sergio Leone would man the helm of what could be the most masterful pieces of cinematic... Read full review
Image Bugsy (R)
Maybe it’s the 140-minute run time that finds itself languid with a dearth of excitement and suspense. Maybe its the backdrop of sunny... Read full review
Image Gone Girl (R)
For the 100 minutes, “Gone Girl” was poised to be one of the best movies I had watched in some time. Its harrowing... Read full review
Image Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (G)
Perhaps the nicest thing about this movie is that it’s based on a true story. And the acting of Richard Gere. Somehow, both... Read full review
Image Presumed Innocent (R)
Author John Grisham created a market of great legal thrillers turned to film in the early 90s with gripping and exciting pieces such as... Read full review
Image The Hunt for Red October (PG)
In 1984, the cold war battle between the United States and the Soviet Union crippled the globe with a constant fear that at any... Read full review
Image Heaven is for Real (PG)
“Heaven is for Real” is a little like “Jurassic Park.” Both feature an expert in their fields, with every reason to believe in... Read full review
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