• Taking Woodstock

    True story of the creation of the...

  • LEGO Batman Movie

    The Caped Crusader comes in LEGO form...

  • The Firm

    Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman star in...

  • Mr. Nobody

    Jared Leto leads the cast of this...

  • The Boy Next Door

    Jennifer Lopez stars in this thriller ...

  • The Sixth Sense

    M Night Shyamalan's signature thriller stars Bruce...

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Movie Reviews

Image Taking Woodstock (R)
Music fans know the impact and influence the 1969 Woodstock festival had – both musically and culturally. Most of us have no idea... Read full review
Image The LEGO Batman Movie (PG)
A great comedian can laugh at himself, and now within the course of a year, two great comedians have emerged to save the... Read full review
Image The Firm (R)
John Grisham began his journey to best selling author ($220 million net worth) in the early 1990s with an onslaught of legal themed... Read full review
Image Mr. Nobody (R)
It often takes directors without anything to prove to make a statement. We’ve seen this with films written and directed by the same... Read full review
Image The Boy Next Door (R)
Barbara Curry wrote the screenplay for the 2015 movie “The Boy Next Door” based off her real life experiences as a criminal lawyer... Read full review
Image The Sixth Sense (PG-13)
I probably don’t have to say this, but I will just in case. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! In fact, it may be the biggest... Read full review
Image Frank (R)
The union between insanity and creativity has long been an intriguing theme for fiction. Many of our most interesting and original entertainers have... Read full review
Image Rocky IV (PG)
There was a lot of adoration from me for the film’s title character going into “Rocky IV,” adoration that had been influenced by... Read full review
Image Desierto (R)
At 1:28 minutes, Mexican independent film “Desierto” can’t be accused of running too long. In fact, the politically charged and divisive story jumps into the... Read full review
Image Hereafter (PG-13)
Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has loaded his mantle with trophies from both on screen and more recently behind the camera performances. In 2010,... Read full review
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