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Directed by Christopher Carson Emmons, “The Eighth House” is an indie about a war veteran that is lured into a dangerous cult. Check out the trailer below; we will keep you updated when the film is released.

The Cast:

Courtney Palm, Scotty Dickert, Andrew Fox, Kymberly Harris, Sandi Gardiner, Nik Kash, Emma Blyth, Martin Doordan.

The Story:

James, a veteran who has lived mostly in isolation for 2 years, except for his weekly baseball coaching job, starts receiving a free trial from a local newspaper, and notices that his horoscopes keep coming true. He soon begins a relationship with the newspaper delivery girl, Faith, the two of them falling in love. But before long, James becomes too engrossed by living by his daily horoscope, which wears on his relationship with Faith. He meets the writer of the horoscopes, a cult leader named Holly Adams, devoting himself to her as a disciple, as the world around him begins to crumble.


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The Eighth House (NR)
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