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Directed by then first-time Director J. Rick J. Rick Castaneda, “Cement Suitcase” is a 2013 independent, coming of age story highlighting the Yakima Valley in the State of Washington. Check out the write-up below, as well as the trailer on this page. 

The Cast

Stars: Dwayne Bartholomew, Kristina Guerrero, Nathan Sapsford.

The Story

Franklin, the best wine salesman in the Yakima Valley, hates his life. His girlfriend is cheating on him, and he doesn’t even have the self-respect to tell her that he knows. When he meets the “other guy,” who turns out to be a terrific person, he decides it’s time to let go of some baggage. Written by IMDB.

For more information, visit the IMDB page here.

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Cement Suitcase
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