10 Classic Movies That Should Definitely Get a Reboot


In an age where almost nothing is original anymore, one of the most often utilized categories of “rebooting” is in the film industry. From “Ghostbusters” to “The Mummy” to “It” to “The Manchurian Candidate,” there is a remake in just about every movie genre, whether it’s a classic or a cult classic. Here is a list of just a handful of movies that would make for excellent remake choices in the future.

1. “Hellraiser

Classic story of sexual deviant getting what he deserves, not once, but twice. With a lot of gore, sex, and Pinhead in between. This is one of the best horror movies currently streaming on Netflix. And it’s no surprise. This macabre movie is truly terrifying and disturbing. Even a modern audience used to shock depictions would find this movie unsettling. For a remake, let’s leave Pinhead as Pinhead, but throw outdated themes out the window and cast a woman as the Frank character.

2. “The Breakfast Club”

The jock, the bad boy, the nerd, the popular girl, and the outcast girl all get stuck in detention and ruckus (can you describe the ruckus?) ensues. Though this movie is over 30 years old, these different cliques and personalities still exist very much in high school. A change in clothing, hairstyles, venues (somewhere with no cell service), and hot button conversation pieces, and there’s “The Breakfast Club” redux. And what about Judd Nelson playing the principal?

3. “Clue”

The classic mystery board game hits the big screen, bringing along all its rooms, suspects, and weapons. This movie and its cast are timeless, but a revival is surely due. This time, instead of a group of strangers being the “Clue” game, the group of strangers knows of “Clue” and is unknowingly brought into a real-life game of it.

4. “The Addams Family”

The original creepy, kooky, and altogether spooky family. What would happen if the eclectic clan were forced to live among us in modern suburbia due to being forced into a witness protection program? And instead of it being the original Addams Family, it’s Wednesday as an adult and her family.

5. “Jaws

This is movie that made millions of people afraid to go in the water. It’s also the movie that we laugh at for its very rudimentary shark props. Let’s update those sharks with today’s technology and get everyone out of the water again. And maybe even add a bigger boat.

6. “Goonies”

The ultimate coming-of-age adventure story of a group of teens who are thrown together to try and save themselves and their families from criminals and developers. For a movie that is so rich with zany characters, dialogue, and puzzles to solve, all this update would need is new cast. And wouldn’t Martha Plimpton just be a delightful Mama?

7. “The Lost Boys”

Santa Carla looks great on the outside and in the daylight, but at night, the undead wake and it’s not a place to just be roaming around in. And definitely don’t mess with David. One of the more lighthearted vampire movies, “The Lost Boys” was different because it was the kids who figured out the whole thing and ended up saving the day. An update could keep these same concepts, except with a bit more gore and special effects. And how about it being girls instead of boys?

8. “Airplane”

A disaster movie spoof where the most ridiculous things occur aboard a plane from Los Angeles to Chicago. Almost every scene in this movie is some sort of joke or pun. In today’s society, crazy things are still happening on flights (drunken rampages, actual snakes on a plane, etc). The fodder for a remake of “Airplane” is truly endless.

9. “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

After becoming trapped on earth, this friendly alien meets a young boy that he immediately connects with on all levels. The duo and friends must find a way to get E.T. back to his home planet safely. It’s not often that we see an alien movie where the alien really does come in peace without a plan for destroying humans. A great spin on this would be a futuristic yarn about a young girl traveling with her family through space and accidentally being left on an alien planet, only to be surprisingly befriended by alien beings.

10. “The Princess Bride

“As you wish.” With its abundance of adventure, danger, intrigue, and comedy, the love story of Buttercup and Westley is one that even a child can get into. With the popularity of such shows like “Game of Thrones,” it’s clear that the Medieval time period is one that modern audiences are still enthralled by. While some actors like Andre the Giant are irreplaceable, a new cast in the same story would be just as appealing as it was in 1987.

While the common phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can sometimes ring true for such ventures as movie remakes, there is something to be said for reinventing great movies and making them appealing to a more modern audience. The core concepts and themes of these great stories will continue to live on, just in slightly different ways that make more sense to a younger generation of people. As long as they are done right…

– by Erik Winther

Erik Winther is a passionate video producer from Southern California and the creator of Netflix Guides, a site to help all TV and movie enthusiasts keep up with the latest shows coming on Netflix. 

10 Classic Movies That Should Definitely Get a Reboot
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Comments (2)

  • Ludwig says:January 25, 2018 08:31 pm

    Interesting…I think some of the aforementioned are better left as is (Jaws, Goonies) but I LOVE the idea of a Breakfast Club remake. In todays everchanging world one thing that remains consistent is teen drama. New kids, new dilemas (social media, gender identity, bullying) could be broached and Judd Nelson as the principal is brilliant!

    Rather than an ET reboot I want to see a real time sequel shot today and with the original cast. Elliott works for NASA and has been or is in contact with his childhood friend would be great.

    Keep up the awesome work Movie Buff!

    • Mark Ziobro says:January 26, 2018 08:53 pm

      I’m also a big fan of a “Hellraiser” remake. The original had the creepy set up necessary, but didn’t really pull off the magic. I would love to see a film with more of Pinhead and more of the macabre/underworld dealings and less of the wife as villain. Has interesting potential.

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