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PosTitleShort descriptionBox Office
1.It (R)2017 brings us a new rendition of the Stephen King horror classic “It.” The original aired as a TV mini...$478,096,375M
2.Blade Runner 2049 (R)A staggering 35 years since the original “Blade Runner” was released, Harrison Ford makes a reappearance to the screen this...$81,983,908M
3.American Assassin (R)Filmgoers are fascinated with terrorism and those who fight it. Look no further than the hit TV series “24” and...$26,185,076M
4.Mother! (NR)If Darren Aronofsky’s previous films (“Requiem for a Dream,” “Pi,” “Black Swan”) are any indication, his latest vehicle, “Mother!” should...$25,959,798M
Box Office
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