Buff Dic-tion-ary

Here’s a crash course on some common terms you’ll see from time to time while reading our reviews. Look for more as we continue on!

glossary terms
Tren’dy Tripe, noun 1. A movie that every critic and fan lauds as being great. You watch it and it’s awful. You can’t understand why others like it and come to the conclusion that the only reason other people say its good is because they are trying to fit in with the masses.

Guy 1: “2001 Space Odyssey” is the best movie ever!

Guy 2: Please. You’re only saying that because you think you have to. That movie is nothing more than Trendy Tripe.

Mul’tip’le Times Re’wind Scene (MTR), noun – 1. A scene that is so great you rewind and watch it over and over,each time acting as if it’s the first time you saw it. An MTR Scene is so good, you still get goosebumps, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

e.g. When Lando takes Han Solo into the room where Darth Vader is waiting, it quickly becomes a multiple times rewind scene as you find yourself watching it over and over.

In’stant D’V’D Pur’chase, noun 1. A movie that is so good you must immediately go out and buy the DVD since you know you will want to watch it over and over and over.

e.g. When Jeff walked out of the theatre after seeing “Sin City,” he remarked with excitement – “That’s an INSTANT DVD PURCHASE!

Sick or Rai’ny Day Mo’vie, noun 1. The type of movie that sits in your collection, and is perfect for watching when you’re resting on the couch home sick from work or school. It requires little thought and if you doze off its okay because you’ve seen it before. A movie that’s perfect to pass out in front of.

Man Mo-vie, noun 1. Any movie that lacks plot or intrigue, but is considered great because of its high testosterone levels, brutal fight scenes, and countless bloodshed. A Man Movie is often played in the background during a party and has otherwise adult men acting like children as they gawk at the rising body count and quote lines verbatim.

e.g. Gladiotor, Scarface, Rambo.

Net’flix Gnomes, noun – 1. Fabled, sprite-like beings that somehow gain access to user’s Netflix accounts and add undesired movies to the user’s queue. While mostly benign, the Netflix Gnomes can often be devious, sabotaging a Netflix account by adding chick-flicks, documentaries, or films no one would ever want to watch. Netflix Gnomes are often blamed for a user’s own bad taste in movies.

Bill’s wife: I was shocked when I opened the mail today and discovered “Brokeback Mountain.”

Bil: It must have been the Netflix Gnomes.

Flick ‘n Flunk, adj. 1.  A term used to describe a movie that is so bad, the critic shuts it off midway through and immediately writes a scathing review. Finishing it an impossibility and all the reviewer can do is scratch his head and wonder how he or she can get the lost hours from his or her life back.

“Blessed” became the first Movie Buff flick ‘n flunk.

Film Snob, noun 1.  Someone who only watches high end movies that everyone else finds dull or boring. A Film Snob is quick to dish out his or her opinion on cinema, and seems incapable of enjoying fun and entertianing movies.

A Film Snob loves “Citizen Kane” and can’t stand “The Hangover.”

Pop’corn Mov’ie, noun 1.  A movie that requires no thought or note taking, rather its just an excuse to plunk yourself down on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap.

A Used to Love Mo’vie, noun – 1.  A movie that you loved to watch as a kid but as an adult, couldn’t sit through ten minutes of.

A Film Snob loves “Citizen Kane” and can’t stand “The Hangover.”

Buff Dic-tion-ary
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