Movie Ratings

filmreelAbandoning the somewhat-limiting style that accompanies the “4-star” review system, at The Movie Buff we use the academic rating scale. Below are some rationale, both for those films that move to the head of the class and those films that need to be held back.


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A+, A, A-:3021307-inline-fb-thumbsup-printpackaging

Equivalent: 3 1/2 – 4 stars, two thumbs up

  • Great movie
  • Would recommend to anyone
  • Can be watched over and over
  • If it’s on TV, you would watch it again
  • If you own the DVD and it’s on TV, you still watch it


 B+, B, B-:3021307-inline-fb-thumbsup-printpackaging

Equivalent: 2 1/2 – 3 stars, two thumbs up

  • Good movie
  • Would recommend
  • Glad you watched it, would watch again if offered but would not necessarily seek it out.

C+, C, C-:3021307-inline-fb-thumbsup-printpackaging

Equivalent: 1 1/2 – 2 stars, one thumb up

  • Average movie
  • Would tell someone it’s “okay”
  • Not upset you watched it but probably wouldn’t watch it again.


Equivalent: 1 star, one thumb down

  • Below average
  • Bad acting, bad directing, and/or bad overall plot or story
  • The only thing separating it from a flat “F” is maybe a great scene or acting performance.


Equivalent: zero stars, two thumbs down

  • Terrible, dreadful, dull
  • Can find very little, if anything positive to say about it
  • Would go out of your way to tell people how bad it is
  • Wish you could get the 90 minutes of your life back
  • Refuse to acknowledge people who do like it, and regard them as inferior


Movie Ratings
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