Hanging (NR)


It’s tough to draw true emotion from an animated feature – especially one that clocks in at just over five minutes in length. But Inie filmmaker Nick LeDonne manages just that with his abstract animated documentary “Hanging.”

Not a single word is spoken in the feature – and yet a complex and deep routed message is conveyed. The primary character is seen as a son; loved by his parents, and bullied by unseen forces. A barrage of hateful words is launched on-screen as the unnamed character comes home from school, and contemplates taking his own life.

I loved the sound effects; chilling and sharp riffs playing as the character feels lost, helpless, and isolated. The viewer will watch with a suspenseful agony as LeDonne succeeds in putting you inside the head of a depressed and suicidal individual.

“Hanging” manages to tell a lot in just a short time and its excellent illustrations will shock you with their ability to capture emotion, sadness, and bonding with the character. The face alone will leave you with a feeling of anxiety as you watch and deal with his pain.

The short hopes to draw attention to the subject of teen suicide – and with rich and famous musicians succumbing to depression on a seemingly daily basis, and the current popularity (both positively and negatively) of the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” will make “Hanging” a must and should watch picture for all ages.

It’s five minutes long and I watched it on my smartphone. “Hanging” is not only an informative and gripping story, its one that displays innovation and creativity in the modern and ever-changing world of entertainment and media. Watch it once, and it will surely leave a lasting impression.

by – Matt Christopher



Hanging (NR)
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